How do Chinese Enrichment Classes Benefit Your Child?

chinese enrichment singapore

Learning a new language is always beneficial at some point or another. With the growing influence of the Chinese language in the school curriculum in Singapore, learning the language to clear the Chinese enrichment exams has become necessary.

But Chinese is not a household language in Singapore due to the influence of English, and the students need the help of tutors to ace the exams. Many learning centers around Singapore conduct classes for Chinese enrichment both online and offline.


Mandarin is considered a hard to learn and is yet the most spoken language.

  • Learning a new language skill enhances the learning ability of a child.
  • It broadens their perspective on a new culture, literature, and history.
  • It increases the cognitive skill of the students.
  • It helps them achieve academic excellence.
  • Help them make new friends, and build long-lasting relationships and social skills.
  • Proficiency in Chinese boosts confidence and self-esteem.
  • Learning from a very young age and finishing all advanced levels can increase career opportunities for your kid.
  • He can also study abroad in China if he wants.


Making them learn another language at an early age can be beneficial for easy learning. It embraces the bilingual teaching curriculum. Choose a chinese enrichment singapore class based on your child’s needs and schedule. Start classes as a fun hobby and do not force children to attain proficiency in the language unless they want to. Let them decide how far they want to learn mandarin. Learning will be fun with a group, but some kids may prefer one-to-one sessions, so ensure that the Chinese enrichment center has a hybrid and flexible system that suits the child.

Author: Bridger